Biondi Elementary School

Grades K – 6

Biondi Elementary School

We unlock each child’s potential.

Students with learning and emotional challenges thrive in learning environments tailored to their needs. Biondi’s nurturing setting and individualized therapeutic support help students build their academic skills, grow their self-esteem, and learn to overcome frustration—all skills necessary for success.

We individualize plans to suit each child.

Many young students arrive at Biondi doubting their abilities. We listen to what they have to say and focus on their individual talents and strengths. In tailoring a program, we identify what motivates and excites each child, and we engage him or her as an active participant in the learning process. Above all, we respect and treat each student as an individual.

Here, students achieve their IEP goals.

We ensure that students meet their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and participate in the New York State Learning Standards. The student-teacher ratio is 12:1:1, with one teacher and one assistant in the classroom.

We use evidence-based approaches to encourage positive behavior.

If a student becomes angry or frustrated, our crisis specialists defuse the situation. Parents don’t need to come pick up their child.

We prepare students for their next step.

We prepare students to transition to what’s next, whether it is on to Biondi Middle and High School or another educational program.

The Biondi Elementary School is located on the 33-acre Leake & Watts campus overlooking the Hudson River in Yonkers.

Important Telephone Numbers

Main school number 718-794-8514

Fax: 718-794-8583

Principal’s office

Roland Lewis 718-794-8206

Dean of Students

Sal Ortiz 718-794-8204

Clinical Director

Jennifer D’Agostino 718-794-8383

Administrative support / attendance

Joanne Dallacco 718-794-8206

Bussing/Food Coordinator

Madelyn Felix 718-794-8262


Stephanie Buckman 914-343-5178

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