We never give up on a student.

Our positive environment, and the unwavering dedication of our faculty, therapeutic clinicians, and staff, provide a solid foundation of support that will allow your child to thrive. We break down barriers to ensure success because we believe in every child.


Academic opportunities

dyslexia in childrenWe ensure that students meet their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and participate in New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. Students receive Wilson reading support and iTutor online instruction programs. We offer Regents prep for high school students working toward a Regents diploma. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in Biondi’s Young Men’s Academy or Young Women’s Academy. There, students receive enriched academic instruction, participate in special programs and trips, and some students are more likely to thrive in a single-gender environment.


Vocational opportunities

best special education schoolsBiondi offers vocational and work-study opportunities in many fields through its Career and Occupational Studies Academy. The Academy prepares students for careers in cosmetology, HVAC, and plumbing. Other career areas being developed on the horizon are retail customer service, barbering, and graphic design.

Upon competition of a course of study at the Academy, students are awarded a Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential.


Therapeutic support

Our clinical, instructional and behavioral teams work closely together to support the whole child. Both academic instruction and behavioral support are provided in a therapeutic and trauma-informed setting, using research-based models and small groups of students at one time.

therapeutic servicesOur clinical support team includes experienced and certified social workers and school psychologists, as well as a guidance counselor, school nurse, occupational therapist, speech teacher and speech therapist. Students receive the specific supports they need, including participation in clinical and/or group therapy sessions; occupational therapy; and speech therapy. We recently expanded our therapeutic support to include Equine-Assisted Therapy and Canine-Assisted Therapy, which help students learn emotional coping skills.

All staff members receive ongoing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training and are TCI certified. As part of Rising Ground, an organization in which services are trauma-informed, we continually train staff to recognize, support, and address behaviors that are trauma-related. Our staff also receive training on child development, anti-bullying measures, LGBTQ issues, and psychological issues that are prevalent with our students.


Rewarding positive behavior

positive reinforcementBiondi uses the evidence-based Positive Behavior and Supports (PBIS) framework to teach and promote positive behavior in our students. Students can earn daily credits for being respectful, staying on task, acting safely, and being responsible. As students accumulate credits, they gain privileges. Students who sustain a certain level of credits over time can apply for paid jobs on the Rising Ground campus, or use credits to purchase items in the school store. By acknowledging and respecting students for their positive behavior, we reduce their need to gain attention by behaving inappropriately.


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