The Rising Ground Residential Treatment Center

The Carol and Frank Biondi Education Center

Biondi’s residential option.

For children 12 years and older who are struggling to live safely at home, our Residential Treatment Center can provide the 24/7 support they need while they pursue their education. Students live in small group cottages close to the Biondi Middle and High School on our scenic 33-acre Hudson River campus. Students engage in sports, clubs, community service, and mentoring programs for further therapeutic benefit.

We surround students with therapeutic care.

All of our supports are tailored to each student’s challenges. Young people gain skills to redirect their lives. Adolescents who once considered suicide or had repeatedly been placed in psychiatric hospitals begin to believe in a brighter future.

Our Residential Treatment Center is also one of the few residential programs skilled at supporting transgender students and others striving to come to terms with their LGBTQ identities.

Families are our partners.

Our goal is to prepare students to return to live with their families as soon as possible. So we engage families in treatment plans and family therapy. We organize campus events for students and their families to enjoy, and we also arrange home visits, providing door-to-door transportation for the student.

For more information, please refer to our Residential Treatment Center page on the Rising Ground website or call 914-375-8880.

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