For Parents

The Carol and Frank Biondi Education Center

Parents are our partners!

You may be concerned that your child will be going to a special education school. You may be worried that your child will fail again or feel stigmatized.

That is not the case at Biondi. Students quickly take root in our nurturing environment. Your child will be encouraged by the can-do Biondi spirit that every student has. At Biondi, it is cool to work hard and do your best!

We never give up on a child

Here, your child will bond with adults who have lived through many of the same challenges families face. He or she will be surrounded by academic and therapeutic support, make academic progress, and become more emotionally stable. Even when incidents occur, we can help your child work through his or her frustration. There’s no need to call you to pick up your child.

No one knows a child better than parents or guardians.

That is why we work in concert with you to develop a customized academic and therapeutic plan for your son or daughter. Together, we identify meaningful but obtainable academic and emotional goals. As your child progresses from one goal to the next, no matter how long it takes, we acknowledge his or her success.

Most importantly, we never give up on a child. We know we can change struggling students into confident, capable learners with better social skills. That’s why parents consistently tell us, “I can’t believe it’s the same child,” and “I wish I had known about Biondi sooner.”

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