Every child can learn.


Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Friends:

Biondi School SuperintendentWhen it comes to learning, every child is different. At the Biondi Education Center, we recognize the differences and tailor each child’s individual educational experience to build on his or her strengths. If your child is struggling in school, consider Biondi so that your child’s instructional and therapeutic needs are met.

Biondi has the expertise and experience to provide your child with an academic plan that is aligned with their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals. We accommodate different learning styles, emphasize programs that are student-centered, and engage all students to be active participants in their learning. With the parent’s input, we set achievable academic and emotional objectives. In other words, we work collaboratively with the child and parent to ensure successful outcomes.

Our therapeutic supports are outstanding. Through individual and group therapy, our clinicians help students identify the fear, anger, or despair that often drives an impacted student’s emotional state. Our evidence-based interventions help students work through trauma and gain a strong and positive sense of themselves.

In this very positive setting, our students not only thrive, they also succeed.That is why 100% of our high school graduates go on to college, employment, or training programs after they leave Biondi.

Every day, Biondi transforms struggling students into active learners. Please come and visit, and see for yourself how a caring and cohesive team of professionals can unlock your child’s abilities so that he/she can achieve academic success.


Warmest regards,

Angela White, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Rising Ground


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