Admissions criteria

Admissions criteriaThe Biondi Education Center specializes in supporting students with learning disabilities and/or emotional disorders. We support Committees on Special Education (CSEs) on achieving the specific goals of each student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). We also work with the Central Base Support Team (CBST) in New York City and CSEs on referrals.

A learning disability is a neurological disorder that reduces a student’s ability to process information. This can negatively impact a student’s performance in reading, writing, and math, and can hinder academic success. Biondi’s evidenced-based curriculum and therapeutic supports address a student’s specific learning disability or disabilities, so the student can learn more readily.

What is an Emotional Disorder?

Biondi School CounselingIn general, an emotional disorder affects a student’s ability to pay attention in school and control his or her emotions. The student has difficulty learning even when there is no evidence of a neurological disorder or other health factors. The student may have difficulty relating to teachers and peers, or have feelings of fear and anxiety about school. Truancy and unsafe behavior also are signs of an emotional disorder.

We help parents through the process. Call us!

Although students have to be referred to us by the CBST or a CSE to be considered for admission, we are happy to speak to parents and guide them through the process. Feel free to reach out to us.

For information on admissions, contact Stephanie Buckman, Director of Admissions, at [email protected] or 914-343-5178 or Al Rodriguez, LCSW, Committee on Special EducationCoordinator, at 914-375-8969 or [email protected].

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